Nuts & Bolts

Focus on the core of your product instead of struggling with low-level HTTP engineering. FRAPI takes care of handling multiple media types, returning the correct response codes, generating API documentation, and much more.

Get Support

FRAPI was originally built by echolibre to support the diverse needs of their client’s web apps. Now it’s been donated to the community, you can ask questions or get support by hopping on IRC or by posting message to the mailing list.

Many Applications

Want a mobile version of your web app? FRAPI automatically generates JSON, XML, PHP, and plain text versions of your data. Build new applications for your data, without having to hack around with the core of your product.

Legacy Systems

FRAPI can connect directly to multiple data sources, meaning you can breath life into legacy government, finance, and billing systems with an interoperable API and modern interfaces developed in-house or by third parties.